What We Do

Mission statement

To make it convenient for people to access elite quality health and performance coaching at a great value.

We radically change people’s lives using lifestyle and training methods. We can help anyone achieve almost anything in the realms of weight loss, fitness, athletic performance, aesthetics, post rehabilitation, recreation, public service, and anything else you can think of when it comes to your physical body. Whatever looking better, feeling better, or moving better means to you we can help you achieve it.

The services we use to get you there: 90 minute initial consultation and strategy session, 1 hour one on one coaching, half hour one on one coaching, 1 hour small group (up to 4) coaching.

The process

Every journey starts with a beginning. Every person who wants to change their life will first need to define what that means to them. We will meet with you one on one for a strategy session to find out what you want to achieve. We’ll discuss your background as well as successes and failures you’ve had in the past. We’ll look ahead to any of the obstacles you might face to achieve your goals. We’ll give you a recommendation on which services and with what frequency you’ll need to achieve the results you want.

What’s needed to get results: In short to achieve any type of results with the physical body, whether is looking better, feeling better or moving better you must have an integrated approach. The four factors which all other sub factors can be placed into which affect your results are the following: Mindset, training, nutrition, and recovery. We will have to establish some goals and behaviors when it comes to nutrition, mindset, and recovery. What we will do in the first strategy sessions after we understand your goals clearly is design a fully customized training program for you in that hour. We will do as much movement analysis on you that will be necessary to design a custom training program. The program will include what target skills you are working on, what exact equipment you will use, what motions and muscles you will be training, and all the details regarding how much work and rest you will have. It will be 100% customized on every level.

Once your program is established we will discuss what frequency each week would be optimum for you to train with us, either in a one on one setting or group setting. As well as how much activity and training you should do on your own.

Well show you how to interact with the website and schedule sessions and answer any questions you might have.

The Process

  1. Meet
  2. Design program
  3. Be trained
  4. Use website for support
  5. Stick to it
  6. Continuous follow up
  7. Results