Cutting through the confusion about the war on carbs and gluten.
10 Oct, 2015

Gluten free mania is every where. Everywhere I look I see gluten free products. I’m seeing meat packages with gluten free on them claiming to not contain ANY GLUTEN. I think I even saw gluten free dog food! Aside from that, mainstream fitness media is practically making it illegal to eat carbohydrates. I hear there’s even a sugary drink tax in some states. What is all this frenzy and what the heck is gluten anyway? To put it simple, gluten is a protein in wheat that makes dough chewy and delicious. You don’t even have to fully understand what a protein is to understand what I’m going to tell you and you just have to understand that it is in wheat, it’s also is barley and rye, and some of its derivatives. But wheat is the most frequently consumed and in most common food items.

I’ll tell you the truth about carbohydrates that everyone needs to understand. If it’s a plant, it’s a carbohydrate. Plain and simple, but don’t get too fired up yet. I understand avocados have fat as well as nuts. We’re talking about gluten and the consumption of carbs here. And guess what, avocados and nuts have carbs to. Now some of the hysteria about gluten is that some people are sensitive to it or have celiac disease. This can cause very serious reactions for some people. But to understand gluten you must understand where flour comes from in our society. Flour is made from pulverizing any type of grain. This flour can be used to make all types of delicious foods. Like bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, wraps and all types of different edible meals and treats.

However, there is a basic rule of sound nutrition that we have turned away from due to fad diets and poor advice typically propagated by marketing and the media. Eat everything in its natural state, un tampered. Eating something made from flour is not eating the food in its natural state. It’s been processed. Try to commit yourself to eat everything in its natural state, and then you will never consume gluten. Unless of course you chose to specifically eat wheat, rye berries or whole barley (which we don’t recommend). It can be ok to eat grains though and like anything else you must consider the quality of the grain, time you eat it, and how much you eat. There are many other choices for carbohydrate dense food other than whole wheat, barley, and rye grains. To name just a few we recommend: rice, quinoa, beans, potatoes, lentils, split peas, and ancient grains. All of these have many different variations, so you’ll never get bored and can make them hundreds of different ways depending on your palate. There’s many more, and none of them contain gluten, only the wheat, barley, and rye. All those breads, pastries and cakes are made from that special thing called gluten that makes it taste so good. So if you want to feel better, and be leaner, cut the flour. Start figuring out how much carbohydrate you need, and choose something other than wheat.

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