Our Services

Browse our services and get an idea of how we work with clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We have programs that work with every schedule, group or individual.

14 Day Trial Membership

Try us out for 2 whole weeks and watch your body change right in front of your eyes. In this time frame expect to feel better and see improvements in strength and coordination. You’ll meet with an elite professional one on one and have access to unlimited group coaching. We’ll set the foundation for life changing results with minimal investment. Let us show you why this is different!

Repaid Individual Programming

Elite quality services squeezed into a half hour for your convenience. Used for busting over plateaus, or transitioning into more complex forms of training or lifestyle design. This service is best used in conjunction with small group coaching. All the access of the Elite Individual Programming with a shorter time frame to really attack the problem areas!

Elite Individual Programming

The highest quality personal service you can receive on the market. Serviced by one of our master trainers with over 5,000 hours of experience. Every element of your mindset, training, nutrition, and recovery will be customized and structured to your individual needs and aligned with what’s necessary to see life changing results! Intense one on one focus with an expectation to succeed.

Small Group Coaching

High energy group setting with complete personalization. You’ll have a custom program designed for you before you step in the session. You’ll be training exactly what you want and need. Up to 4 people in a group. The trainer will personally train all four people in that hour. It’s an encouraging environment that makes it easy to succeed at a great value!